Our Wines

Mount Panorama Estate Vineyard is the home of Shiraz, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Semillon grape varieties.
Our original vines were planted around 1999 and have been the foundation of many great wines since. Since 2010, our talented winemaker, Mark Renzaglia, has nurtured the vines to accomplish the immaculate cool-climate fruit which is then transformed into well prepared and enticing beverages.

For more information about the wines produced from Mount Panorama Estate, please visit Renzaglia Wines.

The rich basalt soil of Bathurst encourages the health of our vines planted in a Northerly aspect to maximise their potential. Some may even suggest our vines purposely time their bud-burst the harmonious rumble of V8 engines come the Bathurst 1000 Race in October each year!
We believe the quality of our wine originates from the utmost care of our fruit. All of our fruit is lovingly hand picked at harvest time, the vines meticulously pruned and endearingly treated to guarantee the best possible vintage each year.